Why I Created CommonGround - 2 of 5

commonground software Jul 11, 2013

In this 9-minute video, I discuss my second reason for creating CommonGround.  I created CommonGround to help amplify the voice of the individual and bring it to the center of the care team.  Most of us get 15-20 minute appointments with our psychiatrists. Researchers have found that after a doctor says, "Tell me how you are doing", we have 18 seconds to respond before being interrupted with questions reflecting the physician's agenda!  Indeed, Will Torrey demonstrates that at least 18 different tasks need to be performed by a psychiatrist during a routine med check visit. It's no wonder that it can be hard to get our agenda on the table and to be heard!  

I created CommonGround to be an amplifier, maybe even a megaphone, so that our concerns and goals guide the work of our care teams.