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Self-Directed Personal Medicine WORKS!

“The Guide for Self Harm is very dynamic and powerful as a tool for people who self-harm and want to break this cycle. I highly recommend all the guides and tools because they work. It's uplifting to see a person overcome self-harm through listening to their own inner-voice and recognizing their abilities and strengths. The CARDS lit up the imagination of ways to work through times when self-harming thoughts were triggered. It educated and resonated with the group I shared this with.”


"All of PDA's guides are amazing! For me personally, I can say Personal Medicine is revolutionary. Once you know about it, you really move forward in developing a personal recovery approach as your first response to being the master of your own wellbeing. Spread the word by letting others know, you already have the power within you and we can assist you to activate Personal Medicine when it's needed and what that looks like over the course of your life."

A great way to challenge yourself

"I really enjoyed reading the Troublesome Beliefs Guide and how it is up to the individual to decide if it is a troublesome belief or not. I appreciate the fact that what I believe is my choice and I decide whether it is helpful or unhelpful."

Personal Medicine Guide for Sleep

"I love the setup of the Guide. I have not completed it yet but it has been helpful so far. Sleep is a struggle for me and I am hoping that this guide will help me to personalize the PM cards and gain better sleep soon. Then use my experience to help others."

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Activation in self-care opens pathways to recovery. 

Personal Medicine Guides have individual activation in mind. They put recovery tools directly into the hands of the people who need them. Each Guide contains education, workbook style exercises, Personal Medicine Cards, tracking tools and reflection questions.

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