Illnesses don't recover. People do.

Pat Deegan's Recovery Approach focuses on the person instead of the illness and offers hope-filled tools, technologies and training for professionals, families and individuals.  Using Pat's Approach, people can move beyond a diagnosis and get to the life they want, and staff gain the knowledge and skills for practicing true recovery-oriented care.



Academy + Library

Basic training in Pat Deegan's Recovery Approach + resources to support recovery-oriented care

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Certified Personal Medicine Coaching

Intensive training to develop coaching skills and support people as they discover the things they can DO to help themselves

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CommonGround Software

A shared decision-making platform that brings the voice of the individual to the center of the care team 

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Medication Empowerment

Intervention and training to move beyond medication education into Medication Empowerment

Open Medication Empowerment

Voices Simulation

A groundbreaking experience that builds empathy for those who experience distressing voices

Experience Simulation

Pat's Workshops & Webinars

Customizable presentations focused on peer support & recovery-oriented practice        

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