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Preparing for medication appointments

"The DSC certainly delivers when it comes to preparing for a medication appointment. I am able to use their time more efficiently. Aside from that, which is no small feat in health care, it’s respectful and compassionate. It’s time well spent and a path to sustained recovery."

Inspiration and hope

"As always, when I start to feel as if "nothing changes" for people in recovery and despair sets in, I find inspiration and a renewed sense of hope and determination by visiting Commonground."

Finding their voice

"The comment I received often is "if it was not for CommonGround and the staff willingness to listen, I would not have moved on to accomplish my goals". CommonGround really does help people find their voice and move into the life they want for themselves."

A moment of clarity

"My experience working with the CommonGround Software was what can be defined as "a moment of clarity" for me. I have gained knowledge of the field in which I work, that can not be taught in a book. I was blessed to have educated, and impact the lives of participants in a way that was not only effective, but for some, life changing (for better). This is no exaggeration. "

Recovery Activation

CommonGround Software supports shared-decision making in behavioral health. It brings the voice of the individual to the center of the care team. In this way, the team can focus on "what matters to you" rather than "what's the matter with you?"


The evidence is in...

Research shows CommonGround Software helps increase engagement and activation, reduce emergency department visits and hospitalizations, increase medication adherence and improve satisfaction with care.

Review Outcomes

Adopting CommonGround

Organizations using CommonGround have seen significant savings from reduced emergency department visits and hospital readmissions. They also win new business contracts with county and state mental health authorities.

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