Why I Created CommonGround - 1 of 5

commonground software Jul 11, 2013

I gave a talk at an Advanced CommonGround Pratice meeting in March 2013.  The meeting was hosted by Community Care Behavioral Health.  I was asked to talk about why I created CommonGround.  It was a really interesting challenge to put that talk together.  I've been  putting my heart and soul into this work for a number of  years now and as you can imagine, there are many reasons why I created CommonGround.  

Below is Part 1 of 5 of the talk. In this 6 min video, I explain how the web application CommonGround could have helped me and my treatment team establish "common ground" and collaborate more effectively. That would have saved me years of suffering in unnecessary antipsychotic chemical hibernation.  So my first reason for creating CommonGround was to save myself and others from being over-medicated.