Love and Outrage: Asylum for the Colored Insane

consumer/survivor/ex-patient history Apr 01, 2019

This is the second entry for my Love and Outrage project. Starting in the early 1990's, I became interested not just in individual recovery, but also collective recovery. I was able to get a grant to study racially segregated hospitals in the U.S. to learn more about our collective heritage as socially devalued and oppressed people. In 2003, Vanessa Jackson and I visited the Cherry Hospital in Goldsboro NC. It was founded as the Asylum for the Colored Insane in 1880 and was not de-segregated until 1965. This video captures a bit of that story.

Want to learn more? Download the full In Our Own Voice: African-American Stories of Oppression and Recovery in Mental Health Systems manuscript by Vanessa Jackson.