Healing and Recovery With CommonGround

commonground software Apr 23, 2015

This week we got a beautiful note from one of our peer specialists working in a CommonGround Decision Support Center.  She wrote:

I would like to give you some positive feedback. I have several clients that have moved on to jobs, etc. Their mental health has improved. The comment that I receive often is “If it was not for CommonGround and the staffs' willingness to listen, I would not have moved on to accomplish my goals”. I hope this makes your day. I know it does for me.

Yep, that definitely makes our day here at PDA. We built CommonGround to act as an amplifier. It amplifies our voice so that our care team can hear us loud and clear. Through shared decision making CommonGround gives us a voice and a choice in getting the treatment that is right for us.

Thanks for this beautiful affirmation of our work. Recovery is real!