Gina Amoroso

Peer Support Specialist

Valleywise Health First Episode Center

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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I got into Peer Support after I struggled with homelessness, addiction, and mental illness. After going through treatment and getting help from my Peer Supports, Therapist, Psychiatrist, and everyone else that was part of my recovery journey, I knew that I wanted to be on the other side and help others. Having personal experience, I knew that this was my calling.

I honestly didn’t know what Personal Medicine was until I started this course. After going through the lessons, I felt extremely ecstatic and related to what Pat was sharing about what Personal Medicine is about. It really is a lifestyle change that I had to make to get myself better. And with the help and navigations of my supporters, I was able to make that change and get off medication. But I do make sure that I continue to stay healthy by laughing daily and feeding my soul with stuff that will help me move forward. I would love to meet people where they are in their personal recovery and work as a team to help them identify what their personal medicine is and how they can apply that to their lives.

What really calls me to do this work is that there is light at the end of the tunnel! Everyone just needs someone to believe in them and support them along this ride and they will get to the other side. The end of my tunnel was black and it’s now been 5 years since I have been living in the light.


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