Christopher Michael Copolillo, BHT

Peer Educator

Community Bridges, Inc.

Certified Personal Medicine Coach (CPMC)

Certified Personal Medicine Coach Trainer (CPMC-T)

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In 2013 I entered treatment for substances for the last time. I went to a detox center coming off of a bad run and still had some heroin and cocaine. Once I got to the detox, I was sent home because I was still high, but was told to come back. I did and followed along with the suggestions that were given to me. I went to treatment after and really wanted to be able to give back and help other people to get into recovery. When I found out about Personal Medicine and started to grasp some of the concepts and clicked, I began to think it might have saved me some time years before I actually went to detox that last time. We all have personal medicine, and we can all tap into our inner healer and follow along. We are never too far gone to be able to start or start over.


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