The Hearing Distressing Voices Toolkit... a ground breaking training that helps mental health professionals understand the challenges that face people with psychiatric disabilities. During the 3-hour training participants listen to distressing voices through headphones while completing a series of tasks such as taking a mental status exam in a mock psychiatric emergency room. Afterwards, during the debriefing, even veteran mental health practitioners say that they have gleaned new insights into the strength and resilience of those of us with psychiatric disbilities.

I have conducted the Hearing Distressing Voices simulation in countries around the world.  The simulation works well with police, ER staff, first responders, students, psychiatric practitioners, family members, mental health staff and civic groups. In fact, the workshop is so popular and powerful that I created a toolkit with all the materials needed to conduct it in your area.

You can purchase the Hearing Distressing Voices Curriculum.

Here is a…

research study on the effects of my Hearing Distressing Voices simulation on nurses.