When we use CommonGround and complete a Health Report, the computer automatically creates suggestions that might help us.

These suggestions are tailored to the specific responses that we gave on the report. Our doctor also sees these health suggestions so that we can use them to help craft a shared decision during our upcoming appointment. In this way, CommonGround can help us and our doctors expand our awareness of treatment options so the best possible treatment decisions can be made.

Prescriber: "One of our early anecdotal observations was that there were pieces of information that consumers elected to share with the computer that they did not share with us in person, such as information related to use of recreational drugs. Additionally, one very memorable consumer typically came to clinic, said he was 'fine,' and gave very short answers to questions. We thought this was just a negative symptom of his psychotic illness, but when he began completing pre-clinic reports on the computer, his clinician said he was suddenly very talkative in clinic, as if the shared decision making tool was a springboard for him to better articulate and express himself."

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