Personal Medicine

When we use CommonGround, we let our doctors know if we have been using our Personal Medicine since the last appointment. CommonGround can also help us discover our Personal Medicine, as well as refine and improve it over time.

Personal Medicine is what we do to be well. It's the things that put a smile on our face and that make life meaningful. Personal Medicine is also the smaller things we do to take care of ourselves and to manage our distress. Here are 3 examples of Personal Medicine:

  • Playing with my dog helps me forget my troubles
  • Taking care of my daughter gives me a reason to get well
  • Reading scripture each evening calms me and helps me feel strong

Many of us have learned that finding the right balance between Personal Medicine and psychiatric medicine is the road to recovery.

Casemanager: "So being able to have Personal Medicine to fall back on has really been key in keeping her stable so she doesn’t have to go into the hospital."

Psychiatrist: "I think the piece that's been important for me is the Personal Medicine piece and knowing what their Personal Medicine is and knowing that the medicine that I prescribe shouldn't interfere with their Personal Medicine. And so, people who are wanting to go back to work, I just have in my head, okay, that kind of rules out some of these medicines that cause daytime sedation. Or people who paint, or love to write, medicine that causes some tremors…you know. And so it opens up for me a whole dimension of things that I need to talk about with clients. Knowing right off the bat what their Personal Medicine is has been very helpful."

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