Information Rx

With CommonGround, doctors and nurses use Information Rx to prescribe, not just medicine, but wellness management and lifestyle modification tips. Resources from Information Rx can be printed out and taken home for reference after the appointment. 

Information Rx is a tool that allows our doctors to quickly find and select information to support our recovery.

Unlike most information tools that allow us to search or browse through a gigantic resource pool, the resources within Information Rx are hand-picked and carefully crafted to meet the needs of doctors and nurses working in today's mental health treatment centers.

Prescriber: "These decision aids were intended to be used outside of clinic, and therefore allowed the consumer to thoroughly evaluate a decision in a structured manner outside of the time constraints of their clinic visit. As an example, one of my own turning points was working with one young woman who frequently would return to clinic after having discontinued her medications on her own, typically not feeling well, and looking for options. We could do a brief review of why she had stopped her medications during the clinic visit and come up with a new plan built around a medication, but she would often later return off the medication. With the shared decision making tools, she was able to complete an assessment of the pros and cons of taking medication, and ultimately assigned a very high score to the value she placed on medication in her treatment. She also completed a budget worksheet to allow her to see how she could manage co-pays. This process allowed me to understand the importance of minimizing the number of co-pays she would have in a month and seemed to have allowed her to be more consciously aware of the role she envisioned for medication in her treatment. It allowed us to focus her clinic visits on moving forward rather than starting over."

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