Health Report

Prior to seeing the doctor or nurse, we use CommonGround to create a 1-page Health Report to take into the appointment. We use the computer to:

  • Indicate how we're using Personal Medicine to help ourselves
  • Review our Power Statement and make sure it tells the doctor how we want medicine to help us
  • Watch short videos of others who have recovered
  • Answer questions about our current symptoms and how we're using prescribed medicine
  • Let our doctor know about any concerns we have about taking the prescribed medicine
  • Describe our specific goal for the upcoming appointment

At the end of the survey, the computer organizes all our answers into an easy-to-read, 1-page report. Our doctors, nurses, therapists, case managers and other authorized people can view the report on their computers too. The report works like an amplifier helping our treatment team hear our concerns loud and clear. The report is also embedded with credible information to help address our concerns, just one-click away.

CommonGround is easy to use and requires no prior computer experience. We can use the touch-screen to enter our answers, or, if we prefer, we can use a mouse. If we require reading assistance, the computer will speak the questions and answers to us as well.

Psychiatrist: "I think it really brings them into the appointment with more power for their decision making. I guess what it's all about. But they're showing you, I have it here. I've said this. Let's talk about this."

Consumer: "I'm not much of a speaker but when I hand him that report, they go into detail about it. They check every little thing. Before, when there wasn't the CommonGround Report, you go in the office, they ask me how I'm doing. Do I have delusions and this and that, and that's all that was said in there. And they'd say, 'Well, okay. We'll see you later.' But now, now they have that sheet and they go over it and say, 'Well, what did you say this for?' So I see a drastic difference."

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