Decision Support Center

CommonGround helps us get prepared to see the doctor. We access the web application at a Decision Support Center, located in the waiting area of the psychiatric medication clinic. We arrive at the Decision Support Center a ½-hour prior to seeing the psychiatrist or nurse practitioner for an "enhanced med visit" using CommonGround.

Peer staff support us in using CommonGround and preparing a Health Report for the doctor or nurse. Peer staff are experts in using CommonGround to help us find the information we need to get prepared for our appointment.

In addition to technical support, peer staff offer a welcoming smile and an open heart. Peer staff have lived their own journey of recovery and have the wisdom of experience to share with CommonGround users.

Psychiatrist: "It's been kind of consistent that people we typically thought would be too disorganized to be able to complete the CommonGround Health Report, time and time again we've seen that they're able to sit down and do that."

Consumer: "I'm not too familiar with computers. I like that it talks to you. And you do that and it’s just you and the computer and there's somebody there always to help if you need it. And I kind of like that."

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