Custom Questions

When we're using CommonGround, we can create custom questions that we answer for our doctor. 

When we customize questions to reflect our own unique "flags", it allows the doctor and us to track early warning signs and catch problems upstream, before symptoms interfere with our life.

Here are a couple examples of how we can use custom questions:

Default QuestionCustom Question
"Since my last appointment my thoughts have been racing through my mind." "Have I charged up more than $35.00 at the casino in the past month?"
"Since my last appointment I have had trouble keeping up with my responsibilities." "Am I going to work everyday?"

Psychiatrist: "Using the pre-clinic and post-clinic shared decision tools didn’t result in any obvious decrease in the time spent in clinic visits or in the ability to schedule more visits per hour for the clinicians. There was, however, a change in the balance of how time was used in each clinic visit. Whereas in the past, we would spend a significant amount of time building the clinical database regarding sleep, energy, appetite, obstacles to use of medications, and so forth, the pre-clinic computerized questionnaire substantially streamlined this process and required only a quick review for accuracy with the consumer. Spending less time on building the database allowed more time to be devoted to topics that would ultimately have more impact in the consumer’s recovery, such as discussing life goals, discussing the recovery process, and even working in a bit more psychotherapy."

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