CommonGround Pricing

CommonGround is affordable and easy to use. It costs just pennies a day per user.

License Fees for CommonGround

The minimum user license fee is $3,000 per year or $250 per month for up to 100 users, plus an annual data stewardship fee of $2,500.

The user license fee is calculated based on the number of active staff membes and clients in the system. If your program serves more than 2,000 people, please contact us. 

Number of Users

per User per Month

Maximum Monthly Fee

Up to 500



501 to 1,000



1,001 to 2,000




We have two approaches to support your implementation of CommonGround:

  • The CommonGround Training Institute: We will train and certify up to 10 of your staff as CommonGround Specialists. These staff members are then your "in-house" experts, who can implement CommonGround at any of your program sites. This approach is popular with large and multi-site organizations. Our CommonGround Training Institute includes remote and on-site classroom training and coaching. Pricing varies based on your organization’s specific needs.
  • Customized Training: We can also create a customized training plan to help your organization implement CommonGround. For example we offer a 1-day implementation training for CommonGround at peer centers. 

Please contact us so we can tailor a training program just for you.


Post-Implementation Support

After organizations have implemented CommonGround, they often want ongoing support as they work to sustain the practice within the organization. Our annual base support package includes a monthly 1-hour call with a member of the CommonGround training team, as well as coaching via web-based project management software.

National CommonGround Webinars

CommonGround is always evolving and growing. A great way to stay abreast of the latest features is by joining our monthly webinar series. Led by one of our CommonGround training team, a new topic is discussed each month via webinar.

Monthly Data Report

We offer a monthly data report containing several benchmarks that compare your site to other sites using CommonGround. It can be particularly helpful in guiding the success of your implementation.

Customized Data Export

We also offer customized data exports. CommonGround contains a custom field feature that can help your organization link external databases (such as service utilization or claims data) with CommonGround data.


We offer consulting on an hourly, daily or project-specific basis. For example, many organizations using CommonGround find it helpful when PDA staff consult on research and related issues. We would be happy to work with your organization to provide the consulting that it needs.

Ready to start using CommonGround? Contact us to schedule a demonstration today.