CommonGround Develops the Workforce In Vivo

Medicaid regulations are changing to allow peer staff to be reimbursed for their services. CommonGround provides a unique and billable role for peer staff in medication clinics and provides this emerging workforce with defined roles and a ladder for career advancement.

Additionally, few mental health centers can afford to send staff out to get the training they need. CommonGround trains staff in recovery oriented methods in vivo, while at work. For instance, if a client indicates problems with anxiety on the Health Report, a case manager can access proven self-management strategies with one click. Similarly, if a person indicates having trouble with medication co-pay's, a staff person can find prescription assistance information with one click.

Peer Staff: "I love the job. It couldn't have been tailored better for my appreciation of what I get to do: work with people, and work where I've come from, you know? I've had a lifetime of this, of recovery. And now I'm taking where I'm at and I'm working with them."

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