CommonGround Empowers People to Get Well

Adults with mental health and/or substance abuse diagnoses accounted for 1 out of 4 stays at U.S. community hospitals or 7.6 million hospital stays at a cost $9.9 billion(1) per year. CommonGround gives people the tools they need to get well and stay out of the hospital.

CommonGround introduces people to the concept of Personal Medicine and what they can do, outside of the clinic, to get well and stay well.

Additionally, CommonGround provides credible, relevant information that is directly usable by the person with the diagnosis. This is particularly important in light of the fact that many clients get no therapy or case management services. For example, if a person indicates they are having sleep problems, are using recreational drugs or are having distressing voices, CommonGround might automatically provide information on how to improve sleep hygiene, how to reduce harm from recreational drug use and how to manage distressing voices.

CommonGround also contains inspirational videos of others describing how they got well and stayed well.

Casemanager: "So being able to have Personal Medicine to fall back on has really been key in keeping her stable so she doesn't have to go into the hospital."

Client: "[Watching the videos] makes you feel like you're not alone, you know, others have had similar experiences like yourself. And they’ve overcome that and they give you the encouragement that you can do the same thing.

Client: Seeing the improvement, especially on mine, because mine was really bad when I first got here, like it was really bad and then like last, couple weeks ago, it was really good, and it was like looking at a straight F report card to an A B report card. It makes you really proud of yourself for keeping it going and knowing you can do it. I felt really proud of myself; makes me want to tack it to my wall and say 'see, I did it.'"

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