CommonGround Supports Shared Decision Making

Shared Decision Making is associated with greater treatment engagement, higher satistfaction with services and better quality decision making(1). CommonGround helps agencies implement shared decision making in a practical way without overburdening the medical staff.

As of Septembember 2010, organizations using CommonGround have shared decisions entered, on average, 78% of the time, with some organizations averaging as high as 94%. This suggests that shared decision making can happen in the short 15-20 minute consultation.

Psychiatrist: "There was one lady who [ was ] very, very quiet [ and ] has a psychotic illness. [ She ] does quite well but had been very resistant to getting blood work. For years! The nurse and I had been nagging her, 'you really need to do this, you've got to do this.' Well, this person came in and used the CommonGround, was a little concerned about some physical symptoms and, as part of the shared decision, we decided that the person should get some blood work. And, lo and behold, it happened!"

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