CommonGround is a Risk Management Tool

Medical liability costs are estimated at 2.4% of total health care spending (55.6 billion dollars in 2008)(1). Hurried and harried clinicians sometimes cut corners but CommonGround never forgets to ask important screening questions.

In our initial trials, practitioners noted many instances of first disclosure of pregnancy or intent to become pregnant on the CommonGround Health Report. Additionally, there were many first disclosures of alcohol or drug use/abuse. Our findings are consistent with the literature that has shown that people feel more comfortable disclosing sensitive health(2) and psychiatric information(3) at computer interfaces.

Prescriber: "One of our early anecdotal observations was that there were pieces of information that consumers elected to share with the computer that they did not share with us in person, such as information related to use of recreational drugs."

Prescriber: "The CommonGround software includes functionality that allowed us to click a single button with the computer mouse to copy the entire report, and then we were able to paste the entire pre-clinic report into that day's clinic progress note to maintain a copy for our official record. The pre-clinic report allowed a quick method of corroborating the clinical impression. Our concerns about the possibility that clinicians might miss important elements of the pre-clinic report were addressed by highlighting areas of concern in a red typestyle. So if, for example, a consumer indicated he was having concerns about suicidal thinking, this would be reported in a red font but if he denied suicidal thinking, this would be reported in a black font. This font formatting made it very easy for the clinician to quickly scan the report for items that were essential to cover with reduced risk of missing something important. As we found with substance abuse issues, the computerized pre-clinic questionnaire also allowed an additional level of assessment that sometimes gave information we didn’t obtain in a standard clinic interview."

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