CommonGround Implements Recovery Oriented Practice

State(1) and federal(2) policy mandate that recovery should be the goal of behavioral health services. CommonGround is a turn-key solution for implementing recovery oriented services in your agency.

In one clinic, over a 24-month period of time, CommonGround was used by clients in 9 out of 10 medication visits. In addition, an independent survey of 116 CommonGround users found that 4 of 5 reported using Personal Medicine in the past week "a lot" or "somewhat", and said Personal Medicine had helped in the past week. This suggests that CommonGround is a real and effective transformative tool and won't simply end up as "dust-ware."

Prescriber: "What's changed a lot for me [since CommonGround] is that the goal isn't the complete absence of symptoms anymore…if we're just medicating people through the roof to try and get a complete absence of symptoms and then we're turning them into, sort of the smokers on the couch scenario with making them too sedated or drugged up feeling.

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