CommonGround is Assistive Technology

CommonGround acts as assistive technology for people with psychiatric disabilities. It helps people organize what they want to say before the medication appointment. In this way, it facilitates communication for people who are anxious, disorganized or non-verbal.

Additionally, CommonGround facilitates communication for doctors who may not have English as a first language. By reading the Health Report, they can get a more comprehensive view of people's progress and concerns.

Psychiatrist: "It's been kind of consistent that people we typically thought would be too disorganized to be able to complete the CommonGround Health Report, time and time again we’ve seen that they’re able to sit down and do that."

Nurse Practitioner: "And once we start going over the common ground report it just tends to open up intense dialogue a lot of times. Probably ninety percent of the time. It's very, very meaningful to that client."

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