New CommonGround Adoption
by patricia.deegan on Thursday, January 12, 2017 - 11:17am

We are pleased to announce that Family Service of El Paso Texas began using CommonGround Software this week. Family Service used a novel adoption process. Typically mental health centers and ACT teams spend about 3 months intensively training and preparing to use the software. But Family Service, with support from the Hogg Foundation, decided to participate in a year-long CommonGround Academy prior to adopting the software. In a series of online webinars, staff learned and practiced the CommonGround Approach. After a year of practice and study, they had become very proficient in the applying the fundamentals of the CommonGround Approach in their daily work. Then, when the time came to adopt the CommonGround software, things went quickly and smoothly. This more gradual, tiered approach may be a best option for other organizations in the future.

Family Service of El Paso is also pioneering new ways of using CommonGround. They serve a lot of young people and together we have developed a paper and pencil version of CommonGround Software for parents and guardians. In this way, the young person will complete a CommonGround health report on the computer, and a parent can share their observations via a pen and paper survey. Both the young person's self-assessment and the parents' view will be available to the psychiatric service provider. Depending on how this innovation goes, we'll be thinking about creating an online version of the experience in the future.

Welcome to the CommonGround community Family Service of El Paso.



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