CommonGround and Assertive Community Treatment Teams
by patricia.deegan on Saturday, May 12, 2012 - 7:24pm

Last week I had a chance to visit ACT teams in San Diego and Sacramento run by Telecare Corp. I was truly impressed with how these mobile treatment teams are using CommonGround in the field to bring hope for recovery to those who are most in need. During the morning clinical meeting the teams gathered to review each individual and to plan for the day's outreach and support. CommonGround Health Reports were reviewed during the meetings, bringing clients' voice to the center of the care team. Personal Medicine Cards and other recovery supports were printed out by the team and brought into the field to share who those who might benefit from them.  Some people come to the ACT team offices to use CommonGround before seeing the psychiatrist.  In other cases, team members bring touchscreen tablets in the field and people complete their Health Report from home. People can also watch recovery videos and health tutorials on the tablets. 

I think CommonGround is a great fit with ACT teams. It helps the teams focus on recovery and strengths of the individual.