Deborah Anderson - Managing Partner

Getting involved with the consumer/survivor/ex-patient (c/s/x) movement was the beginning of my personal journey of recovery. I had received an MSW from Boston University, and I took a job as a community organizer with M-POWER, the new statewide c/s/x organization in Massachusetts. As an organizer, I helped M-POWER members develop political consciousness and the leadership skills which empowered them as they used direct action campaigns to demand changes in the mental health system. As they found their strength in numbers, I found what has been my passion ever since: helping people with psychiatric disabilities use their voices, individually and collectively, to work towards a mental health system where the reality of recovery is a possibility for everyone.

When Pat began creating CommonGround, we were surprised by the need to transform our little two-person consulting company into a "real" business. At first, I was concerned my work would no longer be as meaningful for me. But as it turns out, what we are doing now has the same objective I’ve been focused on for years: helping consumer/survivors discover and use their voices. CommonGround is a suite of tools that amplify people’s voices as they move into the driver’s seat of their recovery journeys.   

As PDA’s managing partner, I serve as a bridge between our business operations and our development team’s work. I am thrilled to help carry our company’s dream of putting recovery tools in the hands of any and all consumers/survivors who want them.