Aldo Delgado - Software Developer

Aldo Delgado I am a Miami, Florida based software developer with 9 years commercial experience in full LAMP stack (Linux Apache MySql PHP). However, four of those last nine years I have been working on various Ruby on Rails applications. I have recently placed in the top three of the last four hackathons that I have attended this past year. I have a very good commercial experience in analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of web applications. Self made and good communicator which helps me to work with people at all levels of the business.

Who am I?

Well that’s pretty much answered above, but here’s some more trivia about me. I was born in Miami, Florida. I’ve completely over-engineered a server for my own development needs. My favorite band is Green Day - brings back happy memories from my aggressive skating days. My favorite movie is Fight Club & 12 Monkey's - they are just utterly surprising. I once attempted to do a wheelie on my bike and ended up upside down in a bush without my t-shirt. I coach little league baseball. I hike and mountain bike on my free time - funny because Florida has no mountains.

To go in to more detail I first got into the internet around 1993, when things were just starting to warm up. Back then, I was still a young kid and the internet was a simpler place: ICQ was the IM king and everyone had their own GeoCities website, splayed with low resolution adverts and under construction animated gifs. Creativity was being redefined; rather than content being created mostly by publishers and professionals, it was being generated by everyone in their own rooms. Yes, this did result in what can only be called “hideous” examples of usability and travesties of design, but it exposed an entire generation to the promise of more input to come. I entered this particular gold-rush on FortuneCity, and proceeded to build my very first website. I had no idea what I was doing, but I did know that Microsoft Word had a “web-page” template, so I started there. Looking back on it now that website was terrible, but it was my first taste of the technologies and terminologies underlying the internet.